hand rolled clay all about surface -texture - drawn on, imprinted with verbiage and borders, sprigged, hand painted with multiple glaze colors and Raku fired -fonted bottom, for wall or easel $225

Damsels in Distress, celebrating strong survival attitudes

12X 2.5in. $165.ea.

"Nicco's" free standing illustrative pottery

Raku fired, 9 x 7 x 3in. $325

Walking Pots, each its own one of a kind story

3 legged, carved& imprinted thrown pot, Raku fired clay, $250

Window on New Orleans, freezing a treasured moment in time

tiles grouted in recycled reconstructed window wood 14x10x5 in. $350 - $450

Bustia , tributes to the Mardi Gras Diva Group

original theme, Raku fired, 9x12x6in. $525

Mojo Beads, symbols to find the way

hand pressed and glazed story detail spriggs, Raku fired, $25

Flameabra's, 4 sides of life New Orleans style

Raku fired, candle holder, $185

Chimenea, illustrating life in New Orleans one page at a time

clay signature shape, carved imprinted shaped, raku fired, for wall or easel $250

Zwazos (Little Bird) Vases

oxidation fired, clay, birds of LA. $145

Top Hats, Inspired by THE Boneman

Life size Top hat, raku fired rich black matt with story imprinted. $425

Stevies Birds

Mockingbird, impressed verbiage and symbols, Raku fired, $145

My Bone Gang , Jars, Based on active New Orleans bone gangs

Raku fired, 2 part with removable head 9 in x3 x2 $165

Northside Skull N' Bone tribute drummer, cone ht, top hatted, Stilt men

2 part jars, hand glaze painted, Raku fired $165

Krewe Bones

raku fired clay originals, $165 crow, cat head, pope, dick head, spike, mother time

Gator, Lou Garou, Puss n Bones, Dog Gone Bones, Bunny Foo Foo,

clay, Raku fired, 2 part jars, hand painted glaze bones, originals, $165

Smoker Bones -available as- fleur de bones, sacred heart bones or cigarette smoking bones

original clay raku fired art, my attempt to be functional burns incense smokes out of head - $165

Girlie Bones, Sugar, Hello Kitty, and Baby

Bone women, clay, raku fired one of a kind 2 part jars $165

Bird Bones, Crow Bono, Who Dat, Rooster

Original clay art 2 part jars, bones are hand glaze painted, Raku fired $165

Musical Bones, Brass Bones, Drummer, Guitar, Zydeco - different musical instruments and character hats

2 part hand formed heads with thrown and altered bodies, kiln fired hand glaze painted, $165